You can rely on the expert plumbers at Goettl's High Desert Mechanical when you have a clogged drain in Payson, AZ.

Some of the top culprits responsible for drain clogs are invasive tree roots, flushed toys, hair, grease, soap, and food. It is important to remain vigilant about what goes down your drains.

Taking precautions now can prevent nasty clogs that cause huge messes, foul smells, and home damage. When you need drain repair, relying on a professional plumber is critical because these issues require proper equipment and knowledge.

You should think twice before sending grease, fat, or oil down the drain. While they may seem to make their way down the line, they tend to solidify as they sit inside it. These solidified fats coat the inside of your pipes and build up over time, leading to blockages. Without professional drain cleaning, a clogged pipe could eventually cause sewage backups.