Cold temperatures are the toughest weather conditions your plumbing will have to endure. When temperatures drop too low, water inside your pipes may end up freezing, leading to those pipes bursting. When pipes burst, it can cause extensive water damage on your property, and as the owner, you’d incur huge plumbing repair costs. It can also pose a safety risk as it may cause flooding. Therefore, it is critical to put measures in place to prevent pipes from freezing in your home. Preparing your plumbing for the cold season guarantees a steady supply of water to your residence and avoids costly repairs to your plumbing. If you’d like to avoid those problems, here are a few suggestions well worth taking.

1. Insulate Your Pipes

A fundamental way of preventing frozen pipes during cold spells is by insulating them. Insulation helps water inside the pipes maintain a consistent warm temperature. It shields the pipe’s interior from the cold temperature outside and prevents the water within from freezing and bursting the conduit. One of our expert plumbers from Goettl's High Desert Mechanical can professionally install sufficient insulating material around your pipes so that they won’t freeze. The expert we send might use foam insulation sleeves or fiberglass to insulate them.

Our plumbers might also install heat tape or a heat cable on your plumbing to provide extra heat to the pipes in extremely cold conditions. Heating tape is installed in unheated areas like the attic, crawl space, garage, or basement. Our professional plumbers will obtain insulation appropriate for the size and type of your plumbing. If you have pipes running in the garage area, keep the garage doors closed.

2. Open Cabinet Doors

Although your HVAC unit might be running, the heat produced might not circulate to all the areas and corners of your home. Closed cabinets are a physical barrier to your plumbing, preventing heat from reaching it. Opening cabinet doors under your sinks enables heat to circulate in these areas and prevents pipes in these regions from freezing. Pay particular attention to any appliances or sinks adjacent to exterior walls.

3. Keep the Heat On

During the cold season, it is crucial to maintain a warm temperature inside as the temperature outdoors may freeze water inside your pipes, causing them to burst. Although you might lower it slightly, leaving your HVAC unit running even when you’re not home is crucial to keep your house warm during the cold season. The slightly higher energy cost you’ll incur is small compared to the huge repair cost you might have to pay if your pipes burst due to the cold. The bursting of pipes might also cause your home to flood. The severe water damage poses a safety risk to you and other occupants. In case you’re leaving for a holiday, consider turning off your main water supply and draining all your pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

An HVAC expert from Goettl's High Desert Mechanical can install a smart thermostat for your home so you can control the temperature remotely. When temperatures drop too low, you can always raise them using your smartphone connected to the thermostat. For increased energy savings, the smart thermostat can also learn the daily patterns of occupants, lower temperatures when you’re away, and raise them when you’re back.

4. Let the Faucets Drip

Water expands inside your pipes when temperatures drop considerably. This builds significant pressure. Letting your faucets drip or trickle gently eases the pressure inside your pipes, reducing the probability of the pipes bursting. Letting your faucet drip also reduces the probability of water inside your pipes freezing and bursting them. Although it’s not guaranteed to keep your pipes from freezing completely, it’s a straightforward and effective technique to help prevent them from freezing.

5. Fix Any Drafts in Your Home

Drafts and cold air creep through gaps in your doors and windows. Weatherproofing them retains warm air from escaping your house to the outside environment and prevents cold air from entering your home. Maintaining warm temperatures throughout your house makes your pipes less likely to freeze or burst and cause water damage. Professionals can help you effectively install weatherstripping material in your doors and windows. They begin by assessing all the areas that could cause drafts or bring in cold air. They also apply caulking and window film to seal gaps or cracks around windows. These experts can also install a door sweep at the space below your door to prevent drafts and cold air.

6. Disconnect Outside Hoses

It is critical to drain outside hoses whenever temperatures drop. The water inside them might freeze and burst the outdoor faucets and hoses. Eventually, the freezing water outside may also spread to the internal plumbing of your home and cause severe pipe damage to your plumbing. The first step is turning off the faucets and disconnecting the hoses from your home’s water supply. Drain them to prevent the water inside from freezing and bursting. Lastly, store the hoses in a warm region inside your home so that they are ready to use again when temperatures become warmer.

7. Schedule a Professional Tune-Up

A professional plumber can thoroughly inspect your pipes to identify any potential issues before they become major problems, preventing costly repairs. The plumber can unclog your pipes and drains and ensure water flows smoothly in your home. The plumbing experts will also assist you in identifying sections where your pipes will likely freeze so you can have these portions insulated. Regular tune-ups can help reduce the probability of frozen pipes occurring in your home, saving you time and money in the long run.

Your plumber will also look for leaks in your pipes, as they contribute greatly to the freezing and bursting of pipes. The plumbers can then have them repaired before they turn into a catastrophe. Our plumbers at Goettl's High Desert Mechanical use physical observation and specialized instruments to detect any leaks. Preventing leaks saves you from huge repair costs and water damage.

Rely on Local Authorities

Preventing frozen pipes during cold winter nights is crucial to avoiding costly repairs and potential water damage. Hiring professionals from Goettl's High Desert Mechanical can help you effectively insulate your pipes, install a smart thermostat, and perform a tune-up to ensure smooth water flow and prevent pipe freezing. Following these tips and taking preventative measures will help you avoid the inconvenience and expenses associated with frozen pipes.

We also offer comprehensive heating, cooling, and plumbing services in Camp Verde, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Some of these services include installing, repairing, and maintaining heat pumps, furnaces, boilers, geothermal systems, zone control systems, air conditioners, water heaters, garbage disposals, indoor air quality equipment, and ductless systems. Rely on us for hydrojetting, air duct services, water softeners, repiping, and plumbing repairs. Contact Goettl's High Desert Mechanical today and schedule a plumbing tune-up to ensure your home is ready for the cold weather.

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