Your HVAC system provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in order to maintain the comfort and air quality of your home. Additional systems like evaporative coolers can help your existing HVAC system by providing extra cooling effects in certain areas. These systems can work together effectively to improve the air quality of your living space.

How an Evaporative Cooler Works

Evaporative coolers or swamp coolers pull in outdoor warm air over pads saturated with water. When the water evaporates, it absorbs heat and reduces the temperature of the surrounding air by 15° to 40°F. The cooled air is then evenly distributed throughout your home.

Pros of Evaporative Coolers

When you have a limited space and budget, you should consider evaporative coolers because they are affordable and easy to install. They can prove dependable, especially in a hot and dry region. This is because the air in arid areas is dry enough to absorb the moisture and ensure the smooth running of evaporative coolers. Here are some of the benefits they provide.

1. Fresh Air

Evaporative coolers pull in fresh air from the outside, which is unlike traditional AC systems that cool indoor air only. When air circulates into the swamp cooler, it is cooling 100% fresh air. This ensures your air is free from contaminants like dust or pollen. Generally, evaporative coolers can greatly improve your home’s air quality.

2. Uses Less Energy

Most AC systems rely on compressors or refrigerants. This requires a lot of electricity to function efficiently. However, evaporative coolers use fans and a water pump to cool the air. They generally require less electricity to operate, which means you end up using less energy to run them. This helps you save a lot on energy bills compared to conventional air conditioning systems.

3. Humidity

In addition to cooling the air, evaporative coolers also increase the humidity level of your home. This is because they work by converting water to vapor and as a result, the air becomes saturated with the evaporated water. Dry air can irritate your eyes or respiratory organs. For example, living in areas with low humidity increases the risk of respiratory issues, such as asthma and nosebleeds.

4. Ease of Maintenance

Evaporative coolers have fewer parts than a traditional AC system, making them easier to maintain. Some come with removable filters that can be easily cleaned. Since they use water for cooling, maintaining the required water level is important to ensure efficiency. It is also advisable to work with a professional company like Goettl's High Desert Mechanical for regular maintenance services.

5. Outdoor Usage

Evaporative coolers can be used in outdoor spaces such as patios, decks and workshops. Many coolers designed for outdoor use come with wheels or handles. This allows you to choose the best place to put the system and move it as needed.

Cons of Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers offer benefits that make them a worthy investment. However, there are several drawbacks to this system.

1. Best for Dry Areas

Humid regions already have air with a lot of moisture. This means that the evaporative system is unable to absorb much more water vapor to cool your air. Additionally, high humidity can make you feel hotter because sweat doesn’t evaporate as easily. This interferes with the cooling effect that evaporative coolers give. They work best in areas with low humidity.

2. Designed for Smaller Spaces

Evaporative coolers rely on the movement of air to distribute the cooled air. Having a large living space can be challenging for the cooler to distribute the cool air evenly. This is because many evaporative coolers have a limit to their cooling capacity. This can cause your home to have spots with higher humidity than others. Additionally, having a large space would cause the evaporative cooler to use more energy to maintain the required level of comfort. Evaporative coolers are best used in small or medium-sized spaces. You would need multiple systems working together to effectively cool a large space.

3. Humidity Levels

Since evaporative coolers increase the humidity of indoor spaces, they can provide the right conditions for the growth of mold and mildew. These contaminants can negatively affect your health and lead to respiratory issues like asthma. Excessive humidity levels can also cause discomfort.

4. Increases Water Consumption

Evaporative coolers require a constant water supply to operate efficiently. This can increase your water bills, particularly in areas where water is scarce or expensive. Additionally, the continuous flow of water can lead to water wastage especially if there is a leak in the system.

5. Requires Regular Maintenance

Just like any other HVAC system, evaporative coolers require regular maintenance to function in optimal conditions. This can include cleaning the fans, constantly adjusting the water levels and repairing or replacing the filters. Neglecting to maintain your coolers can cause reduced performance, unpleasant odors and poor air quality. The accumulation of minerals from the water can also reduce the efficiency of the system. While most of the work may seem doable, hiring a professional ensures the maintenance is done thoroughly.

Is an Evaporative Cooler Right for You?

When it comes to maintaining your home’s comfort, selecting the right evaporative cooler is important. You should consider certain factors that will ensure the efficiency of the system. For instance, the climate and humidity of where you live affect the performance of the system. The size of your space is also an important consideration. Big spaces would result in low humidity levels while spaces that are too small may have too much humidity.

You should also ensure that the system is installed where there is adequate airflow and water supply. This can be in a central location, such as near windows. A central location will ensure even distribution of the cool air. In outdoor spaces, have them installed in shaded areas away from direct sunlight so they do not interfere with cooling efficiency. Consider a maintenance plan that will help keep your system in good working condition.

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