As temperatures fall and winter closes in, you want your home to be cozy and comfortable. While you have several home heating solutions to choose from, heat pumps continue to grow in popularity for heating houses and apartments. It is also hard to miss the massive incentives and rebates aimed at getting more homeowners to install them.

Energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness are two of the top reasons for this growing popularity. Even though heat pumps can keep you from feeling the cold or the pinch on your energy bills, you can expect other advantages when installing and using heat pumps for indoor heating in mild winters.

1. High Efficiency

Heat pumps are incredibly efficient even in winter. Their operating principle makes them inherently energy efficient. A heat pump does not generate heat by itself but, instead, harnesses ambient heat from the air. The processes involved in creating heat, when it comes to other space heating solutions, usually result in the loss of efficiency whether it’s in requiring a higher input of electricity or in the process of burning fuel.

Thanks to technological advances, modern heat pumps can perform even better than traditional heating systems at very low outdoor temperatures. This impressive tolerance, which varies from model to model, is one of the fundamental reasons why heat pumps are very popular in colder countries across the globe. The pump effectively extracts and amplifies the heat from outdoor air to optimally meet your indoor heating needs. The efficiency of the process reduces heating costs, helping you to realize significant energy savings.

2. Environmentally Friendly Heating

The process of burning fossil fuels in conventional heating systems results in greenhouse emissions. These emissions increase in winter when the need for heating increases. By eliminating this combustion and relying instead on renewable energy, heat pumps stand out as a sustainable and environmentally friendly heating system. If you’re committed to contributing to a greener future, picking a heat pump over alternative heating systems becomes an easy choice.

Similarly, the high energy efficiency of heat pumps can significantly reduce your electricity use. By installing a heat pump, you can reduce your overall energy use. The less energy you use, the lower your carbon footprint and the greater your impact toward promoting a sustainable environment.

3. Improved Air Quality

Heat pumps are versatile, and in addition to warming up your indoor air, these units filter and circulate the air in your home, helping to improve air quality. By filtering out pollutants and allergens, the heat pump lets you enjoy better-quality air throughout winter. While traditional HVAC systems can circulate pollutants and dust that collect in the ductwork, this is a non-issue for mini-split heat pump systems that don’t have these ducts.

Additionally, heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuels, so you don’t have to worry about combustion by-products such as carbon monoxide. Without these by-products, your household can continue to enjoy cleaner indoor air.

4. High Durability

Heat pumps are built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. So, you don’t have to worry about your heat pump standing up against the conditions during mild winters. They typically last longer than conventional heating systems, and some homeowners have enjoyed up to 25 years of service life. This longer lifespan will save you money in replacement costs and further promote sustainability by reducing waste.

With proper maintenance, your heat pump can remain in excellent working condition and get you through many winters. Our technicians at Goettl's High Desert Mechanical are skilled and experienced in servicing heat pumps. We recommend scheduling an annual maintenance visit for your heat pump. Regular maintenance will prevent premature degradation of your heat pump from filter cleaning or cleaning the coils and fans. In addition to increasing the longevity of your heat pump, regular maintenance improves your unit’s energy efficiency, so you can continue saving money even during the coldest winters.

5. Quiet Operation

For most people, winter is the perfect season to stay in and spend time with family while enjoying the warmth of their homes. The noise of the conventional boiler or furnace as it operates can detract from this peace and quiet. With heat pumps, noise is a non-issue since they operate very quietly. You get all the warmth you need without any disturbance to your peaceful environment.

While outdoor heat pumps run louder than their indoor counterparts, the noise level is not enough to bother you or the neighbors. In winter, your heat pump may hum a little louder when running in defrost mode, but even then, the noise shouldn’t be a bother. Proper maintenance also helps to maintain your unit’s quiet operation. Call an HVAC expert to check out your heat pump if it starts operating loudly, as the noise may be a sign of problems with the bearings, fan or other components.

6. No Need to Adjust the Temperature

With traditional heating systems such as the furnace, you will find yourself adjusting the temperature or turning the heat on and off again in a chase for the perfect temperature. With a heat pump, once you set the thermostat, the system regulates itself so that you can enjoy a steady level of comfort. You don’t have to worry about your spaces being too warm or too cold.

Additionally, your heat pump does not become more efficient if you adjust the temperature setting. This is unlike the furnace, where toggling the temperature setting impacts energy efficiency. With a heat pump, you just need to turn it off when you leave your home, and most are designed to cycle on and off as needed to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

7. No Downtime Due to Freezing

While heat pumps can freeze in cold weather, you can effectively avoid such an eventuality. How? Select a unit with a built-in defrost cycle to keep your heat pump from freezing. The good news is that most modern heat pumps come with this feature, but you need to confirm this fact before getting your unit. Keeping your heat pump well-maintained is also effective in preventing freezing. Our technicians perform thorough servicing, reducing the risk of your heat pump freezing over in winter when you need it most for indoor heating.

Speak to the Heat Pump Experts

As we’ve outlined above, there are numerous advantages to using heat pumps in mild winter, and you can look forward to enjoying a great return on your investment. Selecting the right type of heat pump, installing it properly and maintaining it well will allow you to enjoy these benefits and more for winters to come and throughout the year.

Our experts can recommend the right heat pump to deliver peak performance throughout winter and the rest of the seasons. We are experienced in the installation, service and repair of heat pumps and other HVAC systems. We also provide plumbing services and are proud to serve Camp Verde, AZ and surrounding communities.

For more details on how a heat pump can be a great addition to your home this winter, contact us at Goettl's High Desert Mechanical.

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